Welcome to the Savoia Castle

A Baroque castle with centuries of history, tradition and stunning venues

Savoia Castle - Zámek Škvorec
Skvorec in 1803

A Brief History

The castle was built by the Domaslaus de Squorz around the 1279. Destroyed in 1639 by Sweds and repaired in 1710 by the Princess Maria Theresa of Savoy.


Reconstruction of the Savoia Castle

The Reconstruction

In the end of the 20th century the castle was listed as a "ruin" by the National Heritage Agency and there was not hope for the ancient building.


Our Family

Our Family

The Eremeev-Salvatore family began the reconstruction in 2007 and has patiently given a new live to the castle complex.


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How to get here?

A short drive from the center of Prague to the Savoia Castle takes under 30 minutes.

Our address is: Smiřických 1, Škvorec